Anni Laas

Anni Laas

Anni Laas graduated cum laude from the Midwifery Programme at Tallinn Health Care College. In the last 10 years, she has gained experience in surgery as an Intensive Care Nurse at North Estonia Medical Centre, as Head of Nursing at East Tallinn Central Hospital and as Head of Nursing in the Surgery Department of Fertilitas. She has also been a certified clinical nutritional therapist since 2017.

In all of these hospitals, she has developed quick post-surgery recovery programmes and been involved in the design of marketing strategies. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Health Sciences and continues to actively improve her knowledge of business processes and team management.


Curriculum Vitae


2019…               Tallinn Health Care College, Health Sciences, Master’s Degree
2008…2013      Tallinn Health Care College, Midwife/ Nurse, Bachelor’s degree (cum laude)
2000…2005      Tallinn Secondary School of Science, High School GCSE


2022…               The Health Clinic: Medical Director
2019…                East-Tallinn Central Hospital: Orthopaedic Center, Nurse Manager
2017…2019       Private Hospital Fertilitas: Surgery Department, Nurse Manager
2016…                The Health Clinic: Clinical Nutrition Specialist / Bariatric Nurse
2015…2017        The North Estonia Medical Centre: General Surgery and Oncology Surgery Centre, Clinical Nutrition Specialist / Bariatric Nurse. ERAS Project Manager and ERAS Nurse
2013…2015        The North Estonia Medical Centre: Oncologic Operations Unit,  Nurse/ Intensive Care Nurse


2017                ESPEN Experts Course: Intestinal Failure (England).
2016                23rd ESPEN Course on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (Poland). 2015  8th Baltic Course in Clinical Nutrition (Lithuania)
2015 – 2018    ESPEN LLL Courses (Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, France)
2015; 2016      Danderyd’s Hospital & Karolinska University Hospital: ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) training (Sweden)
2016                University of Tartu: Online Courses on Nutrition & Dietetics
2012 – 2018    The North Estonia Medical Centre & East Tallinn Central Hospital. Courses in general surgery, pain management, orthopedics, nutrition & dietetics, etc
2013                 The Fetal Medicine Foundation: Course on first-trimester Sonography Screening

World Congresses

2022. 13th Frankfurter Meeting: about bariatric surgery, metabolic surgery and postmetabolic surgery (Frankfurt, Germany)
2019. 4th IFSO World Congress – XXI SECO Congress (Madrid, Spain)
2018. Obesity week 2018 (ASMBS) (Nashville TN, USA)
2018. 6th ERAS Society World Congress (Stockholm, Sweden)
2017. 39th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (Hague, Netherlands)
2017. 5th ERAS Society World Congress (Lyon, France)
2016. 38th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2016. 4th ERAS Society World Congress (Lisbon, Portugal)
2015. 37th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (Lisbon, Portugal).

Poster Presentations

2017. Härma, E., Seire, I., Laas, A., Kütner, S. Adherence to the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol and outcomes after colorectal cancer surgery in North Estonian Medical Centre. 5th ERAS Society World Congress (Lyon, France)

Lecturer & Workshops

2019. Estonian Health Insurance Fund and Estonian Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Society: Dietary Guidelines After Bariatric Surgery
2019. Academy of Public Health: Dietary Guidelines After Bariatric Surgery
2018. 20th Congress and 32nd International Conference of Polish Society for Parenteral, Enteral Nutrition and Metabolism: The role of the ERAS team and audit systems (Poland)
2017. 24th ESPEN Course in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism:
2017. Organization and Impact of a Nutritional Support Team. (Greece)
24th ESPEN Course in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism: Workshop on Enteral Feeding. (Greece)
2017. Tartu University Clinic: Perioperative Nutrition.
2017. Fertilitas Hospital: Perioperative Nutrition.
2016. East Tallinn Central Hospital: Perioperative Nutrition.
2016. Ida-Viru Central Hospital: Periopertive Nutrition.

Memberships & Committees

2019…             Estonian Society of orthopedic nurses, Member.
2018                The European Educational and Clinical Practice Committee ESPEN (ECPC), Member.
2017                Baltic Course in Clinical Nutrition organising committee, Member.
2016 – 2020    Estonian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (EstSPEN),
Board Member.
2015 – 2021    European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Member.

2015 – 2021     Estonian Nurses Union, Member.
2014 – 2017     NEMC Nutrition steering committee, Member. 2013 – 2018   Estonian Oncology Nurses Society, Member.
2009 – 2016     The Estonian Society of Midwives, Member.