Anni Laas

Anni Laas

Anni Laas graduated from Tallinn Health Care College cum laude. In the last 10 years, she has gained experience in surgery by working as an intensive care nurse in North Estonia Medical Centre and as head of the Surgery Department of Fertilitas. At both institutions, she has developed clinical nutrition and quick post-surgery recovery programmes.

As of 2017, she has been a certified clinical nutritional therapist and advises The Health Clinic’s bariatric patients who require professional help with losing weight on a daily basis. She is currently pursuing her master’s studies in health science and working as a nurse manager at East Tallinn Central Hospital.





Curriculum Vitae


2019…              Tallinn Health Care College, Health Sciences, Master’s Degree
2008…2013      Tallinn Health Care College, Midwife/ Nurse, Bachelor’s degree. (Cum Laude).
2000…2005      Tallinn Secondary School of Science, High School GCSE.


2019…                East-Tallinn Central Hospital: Orthopaedic Center, Nurse Manager
2017…2019        Private Hospital Fertilitas: Surgery Department, Nurse Manager
2016…                The Health Clinic: Clinical Nutrition Specialist / Bariatric Nurse
2015…                The North Estonia Medical Centre: General Surgery and Oncology Surgery Centre, Clinical Nutrition Specialist / Bariatric Nurse. ERAS Project Manager and ERAS Nurse.
2013…2015        The North Estonia Medical Centre: Oncologic Operations Unit,  Nurse/ Intensive care nurse.



2016                    University of Tartu: Online Courses on Nutrition & Dietetics.
2015; 2016         ESPEN (The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism) (Portugal, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Estonia): Clinical Nutrition Courses: Perioperativ Nutrition, Nutritional Support in Cancer, Entereal and Parenteral feeding, etc.
2015; 2016         Danderyd’s Hospital & Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden): ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) training.
2014; 2015         The North Estonia Medical Centre & East-Tallinn Central Hospital: Courses in Nutrition & Dietetics.
2013                   The Fetal Medicine Foundation: Internet-based course on first-trimester sonography screening.