Revisional Surgery

We sometimes see patients who have had failed bariatric procedures in the past, or surgeries that have not allowed them to reach their weight loss goals. Due to these complications they might require revisional surgery.

Complications vary depending on the original type of bariatric surgery. For example, a patient who has had a gastric band surgery could experience a slipped band, pouch dilation, band erosion, or the band may simply not be working properly for some reason. Gastric sleeve patients may be struggling with vomiting, fistulas, stenosis or a blockage. Gastric bypass patients may experience strictures or ulcers, pain, fistulas or infection. In all of these cases, revisional surgery might be used to correct the problem.

This type of surgery involves going back in and revising a previous weight loss surgical procedure, in order to achieve the anticipated results of the original surgery. Regardless of the reasons, the decision to pursue revisional bariatric surgery is a big decision and must be addressed with your doctor in order to make the best choice for your particular situation and health goals. Revision bariatric surgery is not for everyone and the risks and benefits should be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon.


When is revisional surgery necessary?

  • Poor weight loss or significant weight regain.
  • Chronic nausea and/or intolerance of the previous bariatric surgery anatomical reconstruction.
  • Unsuccessful resolution of comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Ulcers, band slippage or other procedure-related complications.
  • Excessive weight loss or nutritional deficiencies.


Our revisional surgery solutions

Every patient seeking revision bariatric surgery has a different case and medical history. Because of this, each revision surgery is tailored to the needs of the specific patient. Our surgical & support team will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

We are committed to seeing you achieve your desired weight loss goals and live a healthier, happier life. If you have developed a problem related to your bariatric surgery or if you are not happy with your results, contact us to learn more about your revision options.


Revisional bariatric surgery procedures:

  • Re-Sleeve – €6700
  • Sleeve to Bypass – €6700
  • Bypass revision – €6700
  • Gastric Band to Bypass – €6700
  • Gastric Band to Sleeve – €6700


Our prices include:

  • Preliminary analysis of medical data and consultations via e-mail and/or phone
    We evaluate the patient’s physical condition to see if they’re a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery.
    We will find the best procedure for the patient in order to achieve the best end result possible.
    We will explain everything concerning the operation so the patient can make a well-thought-out decision about the surgery.
  • Consultation with the operating Surgeon in the hospital
    Once you are settled in the hospital, you will meet the Surgeon in person.
  • Consultations with a Bariatric Nurse/Nutrition Specialist Anni Laas
    After the surgery in the hospital.
    Follow-up for up to 5 years.
  • Regular phone call check-ups during the first month after surgery by a Specialist Bariatric Nurse Judith Jobling
    Professional support and advice by a local person in the United Kingdom who has also gone through the journey of bariatric surgery herself.
  • Transportation
    All transfers between the airport/hotel and the hospital. Our dedicated Patient Coordinators will be greeting all patients at the airport on arrival to Estonia.
  • Night before/after surgery at a hotel (if needed)
    The hotel is located just a short walk from the hospital.
  • Tests before the surgery
    Blood tests
  • Operation and hospital stay
    Single bed in a twin room. Private room is available for additional cost (70€ per night).
    Surgery in the private hospital of Fertilitas or East-Tallinn Central Hospital.
    1-3 nights are spent in the hospital (depending on the procedure).
    Free stay and treatment for the extra nights in the unlikely case of complications.
    All necessary medications.
    Discharge summary in English for your GP back home.
  • Complications treatment
    All postoperative complications are treated for free during the patients’ stay in the hospital. Also for late complications if they come back to Tallinn (late complications rate is about 10% of all complications).
  • 24/7 assistance during your stay with us
    Every patient will have their own personal Patient Coordinator available to them at all times.
  • Instructions for post-surgery period
    Dietary instructions according to the procedure.
    Sample menus and portion sizes (for 3 different stages after the surgery).
    Special recipes after bariatric surgery.
    Vitamins and minerals.
    Consumption of liquids etc.
    Recommendations for physical activity.
    Common problems and solutions.
    General advice.
  • Aftercheck
    Regular check-ups with the operating Surgeon during hospital stay.
    Support via e-mail and phone with Bariatric Nurse/Nutrition Specialist for 5 years after surgery.
  • Additional services
    Special discount prices for post-bariatric plastic operations after the weight loss (abdominoplasty, upper arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift).


Meet our Bariatric Team


All revisional surgeries are performed together by Dr. Rein Adamson and Dr. Martin Adamson, who are the leading bariatric team in Estonia.
Ask for more information or send us an inquiry.