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ProcedurePrice €Appr. price £

Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Balloon (6-months, Allergan) €2690£2355
Gastric Balloon (12-months, Spatz) €3290£2875
Gastric Band€4690£4085
Gastric Plication€4690£4085
Gastric Sleeve€5950£5135
Gastric Bypass€5950£5135
Mini-Gastric Bypass€5950£5135
 * see what is included in our bariatric surgery prices

Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Sleeve to Bypass€6550£5625
Bypass revision€6550£5625
Gastric Band to Sleeve€6550£5625
Gastric Band to Bypass€6550£5625

Plastic Surgery


Abdominoplasty with Liposuction on sides (love handles)€3990
Lower (mini) Abdominoplasty€2890
Thigh Lift€3090
Upper Arm Lift (including liposuction)€3090

2 regions
4 regions
6 regions
8 regions
10 regions



Brazilian Butt Lift (lipofilling)from €3390


Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)€4100-4600
Rhinoplasty (repeat surgery)€4700-5200
Face & Neck Lift€4890
Neck Lift€2190
Upper Eyelid Correction€1390
Lower Eyelid Correction€1490
Upper & Lower Eyelid Correction€2490


Breast Enlargement
B-Lite lightweight round implants€4150
B-Lite lightweight anatomical implants€4450
Polytech round implants€3690
Polytech anatomical implants€3840
Sebbin round implants€3690
Sebbin anatomical implants€3840
Motiva round implants€3690
Motiva ergonomix and round implants with a microchip€3840
Motiva anatomical implants€4040
Nagor round implants€3690
Nagor anatomical implants€3840
Breast Reduction€4090
Breast Lift€4090
Breast Lift with Enlargement (B-Lite lightweight implants)€5150-5450
Breast Lift with Enlargement with traditional implants (Sebbin, Eurosilicone, Motiva or Nagor)from €4690
Replacement of breast implantsfrom €4190
Gynecomastia surgical correction (incl. liposuction)€2390
Fat Transfer to Breasts (lipofilling) from €3390

Intimate Surgery

Adjustment of minor labia 1690 €
Adjustment of minor and major labia with plastics of clitoral skin 2690 €
Injecting fat into major labia with adjustments 2190 €
Vaginal tightening surgery 3190 €
Plastic modelling of the excess foreskin of the penis (general anesthesia)1690 €
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Escort package costs 110€ (includes transfers, 1 night stay at the clinic with meals).