About Us

The Health Clinic was founded in 2009 being the first Medical Travel Agency in Estonia. During the years we have gained a lot of experience and understand the needs and expectations of our patients. We have helped over a thousand patients who have turned to us with their health concerns, and we want to continue providing the best possible medical service and patient experience in the future.

We are specialising in weight-loss surgery (bariatrics) and plastic surgery. We have chosen to work together with the top medical specialists in Estonia and all our procedures and operations are done in Estonia’s biggest and most advanced private and public hospitals.


What is the role of The Health Clinic?

* We work on commission which means we are able to provide our patients with the best prices available.
* We make sure to bring our patients together with the best specialists in their field to guarantee the best results.
* Our prices include local transportation, all communication between the patient and medical staff and a designated Patient Coordinator to take care of our patients’ needs and problems.

Our Patient Coordinator is at Your service since the very first contact. That person is the link between You and the medical specialist and will manage all the questions and issues before Your visit to Estonia– nothing will remain unsolved.

Our Patient Coordinator will be welcoming You when You arrive to Tallinn and make sure that everything will go as planned during Your stay. All the logistics and transfers will be taken care of so You don’t have to worry about any such matters. Our Patient Coordinator will be at Your service 24/7.

The Health Clinic and our medical staff will also be available for You after you return home, so we can assist with any concerns that may arise.





Rakas potilas!

Terveesi ja hyvinvointisi ovat meille aina ensisijaisia ​​tavoitteita ja siksi olemme siirtänyt kaikki kirurgien konsultaatiot ja leikkaukset 01.05 asti.

Meidän potilaskoordinaattorit ovat kuitenkin edelleen saatavissa sähköpostitse ja puhelimitse, lisäksi tarjoamme tällä hetkellä ilmaiseksi ​​kirurgien konsultaatioita sähköpostitse. Meillä on yli 10 vuoden menestyvä kokemus potilaiden palvelemisesta ulkomailla. Sähköpostikonsultointi on meidän päivittäinen rutiini ja tässä tilanteessa haluamme tarjoa potilaille edelleen parhaiten saatavissa olevaa ja henkilökohtaista lähestymistapaa.

Otamme yhteyttä kaikkiin potilaisiin, joiden on muutettava konsultaatio- ja leikkausaikoja. Jälkitarkastukset tehdään tarpeen mukaan ja sovitaan henkilökohtaisesti.

Olemme saatavilla sähköpostitse clinic@thehealthclinic.eu ja puhelimitse +372 6000 925, Ma-Pe 9:00-17:00.

Olkaa terveet!
The Health Clinic