Gynecomastia refers to an excess enlargement of the male mammary gland, causing the male breast to resemble the female breast. These changes are typically bilateral, but unilateral mammary gland enlargement also occurs. During surgery, the enlarged mammary gland tissue is removed. This is done independently or concurrently with fat aspiration.


Surgeon Dr. Rein Adamson / dr. Siim Simmo
Anesthesia General
Surgery duration 1-1,5 hours
Nights at hospital 1
Sick-leave 1 week
Price €3090
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Common problems and their resolution

GynecomastiaThis condition presents often in children undergoing puberty, and in this case it is not considered pathological. The disorder is present in nearly every second juvenile. Mammary gland enlargement occurring during puberty usually disappears completely on its own.

Gynecomastia is also frequently observed among adult males. The reasons are often unknown. Possible reasons may include liver dysfunction, use of medicaments containing oestrogen, which causes an imbalance in the levels of androgens and oestrogens. In rare situations, this disturbance can be caused by a neoplasm (tumour).

In the case of major obesity, weight loss should be attempted using a combination of diet and physical exercise, which may result in a reduction of the extent of the gynecomastia. If the reason behind mammary gland enlargement is alcohol or marijuana consumption, or the use of anabolic steroids, it is also recommended that the disturbance causing behaviour be changed.


How to prepare yourself for gynecomastia surgery?

Before the planned gynecomastia surgery, you should be in as good a health as possible.
Limit your nicotine and alcohol consumption to a minimum. If you are taking any medicinal products, please consult your doctor about it.

Additionally, you can not use aspirin or any preparations containing acetylsalicylic acid for at least 7 days prior to the surgery.
You have to take a break from your job and private life for at least for one week after the operation. If you have the opportunity to have someone take care of you following the operation, please discuss the postoperative care requirements with this person.
It is recommended that you not be too active preoperatively, in order to allow for rest physically and mentally following the surgery. If you have any questions or doubts before the operation, please do not hesitate to contact us!

At hospital

Depending on the need for adjustment, mammary gland enlargement corrective surgery can be performed as either an out-patient or in-patient procedure.
Smaller defects can be corrected with an out-patient visit or with a short stay at the in-patient clinic. In case of a major operation, it is recommended that a few days be spent in hospital in order to guarantee postoperative care by trained medical personnel.


In general, gynecomastia surgeries will be performed under general anaesthesia, so you will be asleep for the duration of the surgery. Prior to the surgery, an anaesthesiologist will perform necessary research to guarantee the most suitable anaesthesia for you.


How is gynecomastia operation performed?

As a rule, the operation lasts up to one and a half hours. Additional time may be required in the case of more extensive surgeries.

During surgery, the enlarged mammary gland tissue is removed. This is done independently or concurrently with fat aspiration. Surplus fat and skin is removed through an incision made along the edge of the nipple or through the nipple. Incisions are usually larger if a larger amount of tissue needs to be removed. If it is also necessary to perform fat aspiration to achieve the optimal shape of the breast, a cannula is inserted through a smaller incision under the lower mammary ridge or under the axilla.

If mainly adipose tissue is present, only fat aspiration may be needed. Appropriate incisions are made in the above mentioned locations.
In the case of combined surgery, where both fat aspiration and surgical incisions are done, fat aspiration is done first and then the surplus mammary gland is removed.

Using narrow, empty cannula, adipose tissue is made moveable and then removed. During this procedure, patients administered local anaesthesia may often experience vibration or pressure.
With developed gynecomastia it may happen that the skin is no longer suitable for the new breast shape. In this case surplus skin is removed and the rest of the skin is attached tightly to the contour of the new breast.

Inserting a drain into the wounded area is common, as it allows fluids to be discharged from the wound. In addition, a tight bandage is set, which supports the newly shaped breast.


After gynecomastia surgery – what to pay attention to

Mild pain and a burning feeling in the wound region during the first few postoperative days are absolutely normal indications. These complications can be easily relieved using medicaments. The bandage must be worn as instructed by the doctor. Surgical sutures are absorbable and only in rare situations will some stitches need to be removed.


Your new look

Having correct indications and realistic expectations, most patients are very pleased with the results of the operation and enjoy the new look of their masculine chest contour. The result is mostly permanent. Having a new look usually means the beginning of a new phase in life, with increased satisfaction and improved self-esteem.


Can gynecomastia correction be repeated?

In rare occasions gynecomastia may reoccur. In this case, correction of the mammary gland can be repeated. Regular check-up visits with your surgeon can help prevent and correct possible complications. If there are problems, a personal decision must be taken regarding what kind of corrective methods should be used.

Gallery with before / after pictures


Gynecomastia surgery is performed by Dr. Rein Adamson or Dr. Siim Simmo, who are one of the most experienced body contouring surgeons in Estonia. Ask for more information or book a time.