First steps

You can contact us by e-mail clinic@thehealthclinic.eu, fill out the contact form here, or call us at +372 6 000 925. You can also choose to come to Tallinn for a consultation if you wish.

For obesity surgery we will need to know a more detailed history about Your medical conditions, previous attempts of losing weight, medications You are taking etc. and for that we have a special questionnaire.

For plastic surgery e-mail consultation is done using pictures. We might ask for some additional information about You, such as Your age, general health condition, previous operations etc.

Our Surgeons will go through the information You provided us and recommend a procedure that is best for You. If You are a suitable candidate, then we’ll find a time for operation quickly (generally within 1-3 weeks depending on the procedure).


Before surgery

Before coming to the operation you are obligated to send us (by e-mail) the results of the tests that have to be done prior the operation (mammography, blood tests etc). With obesity surgery all tests and analysis are done in Estonia on Your arrival to the hospital.

We will send You the schedule, hospital rules (also how to prepare for surgery) and the contract so You can familiarise yourself with all the details.

The payment is done in advance. Usually we will send a 100% amount of the invoice by e-mail, but there is also a possibility to pay 50% in advance to confirm the booking and the remaining part can be paid at the hospital before surgery by cash or credit card. However, if the payment is done by credit card, there will be an additional charge of 1.3% for the use of bank terminal.

For plastic surgery procedures the patient arrives to Tallinn on the morning/midday of the surgery. For bariatric surgeries (except gastric balloon) it is usually necessary to arrive one day prior to the surgery (if there are no early flights) because the tests have to be done quite early in the morning on the day of surgery (ultrasonography, blood tests, EKG and later gastroscopy). Here is a more detailed list about possible direct flight from London to Tallinn.


Day of surgery

Our Patient Coordinator is waiting for You at the airport to welcome you to Estonia and drive You safely to the hospital (about 15-20 min car ride). Our Patient Coordinator is a local person who speaks English and she will make sure all Your wishes and concerns will be dealt with during Your entire stay here. She will explain how the day is going to progress and how Your stay in Estonia will look like.

When You reach the hospital our Patient Coordinator will introduce the hospital environment and help you with the check-in process. You will need to have Your passport or ID card ready. The hospital is equipped with comfortable rooms. You can also have a family member or a friend to share the private room with you (one night costs €110, meals included).

There is also free WIFI that patients can use in their rooms.

The Patient Coordinator together with the hospital staff will find You the most suitable room and will also take into account all the special needs that You might have (e.g. special menu).

When arriving to Your room, You can take Your time settling in and whilst our Patient Coordinator will go through the process with You- signing of the contracts (sent to You earlier by e-mail), payment for surgery (cash or credit card) if you haven’t already paid 100% in advance, Your check-out time, and also the general agenda for the day. We will order You a taxi that takes you straight to the airport on the day of Your departure from the hospital (we use the best taxi company in Estonia, Tallink Taxi). We’ll also give You a free taxi coupon. The taxi driver is already aware of the client’s name and the destination. Our Patient Coordinator will also send You a reminder text message about the taxi arrival time, one day prior to Your departure- so You don’t have to worry about forgetting the time or the need of writing it down.

A special folder is given to You that includes all Your necessary documents- the contract, invoice, aftercare instructions, an informative booklet (including a map of local shops, entertainment and other places in the area), a free taxi coupon and the Patient Coordinator’s business card with all her contact details. After everything is done and explained, our Patient Coordinator leaves and continues to talk to you either by phone or text messages.

Soon a Nurse will visit You to measure Your blood pressure. You will need to fill out a questionnaire of anaesthesiology provided by the hospital. After filling it out the Nurse will take it to the Anaesthesiologist.

You will dress into the special hospital clothes and wait for the Surgeon to visit You and to have a final consultation with him/her before the surgery.

Please be advised that depending on the Surgeons and/or operation room schedule Your operation could take place in the second half of the day.

After the consultation You will be accompanied by the Surgeon to the operation. Your room door will be locked so all your personal items will be safe.

Depending on the procedure the operation can last between 30 min and 4h. After the surgery You will be taken to the intensive care unit. When it is confirmed that You are well, You will be taken back to Your room. The Surgeon will be checking up on You regularly.

When having obesity surgery, our Certified Therapist in Clinical Nutrition will be coming over for a thorough consultation about Your diet after surgery.


After surgery

Generally the sutures are absorbable but some safety sutures on the scars might have to be removed 5-14 days after the surgery depending on the procedure.

Aftercare instructions will be included in Your personal folder and we will be available for You by e-mail or phone helping You with all the questions or concerns that may arise.