Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery 1


Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery – this area of medicine helps people to achieve inner balance and harmony via changes in appearance. Seems a bit contradictory? In a way, yes, but every person is unique and so is a person’s mental image of themselves, their concerns and problems. Appearance is an important part of our life; if for some reason we are not pleased with ourselves, it is a perfectly subjective interpretation of ours. We all have the right to feel beautiful! Only you can really know what is best for you.

The Health Clinics’ desire is to work with you, trying to find the best possible solution especially for you. It is our mission to do everything in a way that you will be pleased with the result and be happy, healthy and richer through a life-changing positive experience!


Plastic Surgery Procedures

Nose reshaping
Eyelid surgery
Breast enlargement
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Fat transfer (lipofilling)
Upper arm lift
Thigh lift

Click on the links to find out more about the procedures you are interested in or alternatively you can write us an e-mail to ask for additional information – clinic@thehealthclinic.eu.