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Bariatric Surgery


Dr. Rein Adamson is among the first surgeons who started performing bariatric surgeries in Estonia in 2004. He organized and invited a bariatric surgery specialist from abroad who performed the very first bariatric operation in Estonia, with dr. Rein Adamson assisting him. Dr. Adamson has been a part of The Health Clinic’s team since the very first days.

In addition to bariatric surgery, dr. Adamson is one of the most experienced post-bariatric surgeons in Estonia. Loose and excessive skin in the stomach, upper arms and thighs’ area that is formed due to vast weight-loss is tightened with post-bariatric surgery.

About dr. Rein Adamson:
  • The most experienced bariatric surgeon in Estonia.
  • Has individually performed over 1000 bariatric surgeries.
  • 12 years of experience with different types of bariatric surgeries.
  • Only surgeon in Estonia who regularly performs all five major bariatric surgeries (gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric plication, gastric band and gastric balloon).
  • Long-standing experience in performing bariatric surgeries in the biggest hospitals in Estonia (East-Tallinn Central Hospital, North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation, private hospital Fertilitas).

Also performing bariatric surgeries at The Health Clinic is dr. Martin Adamson who together with his father, dr. Rein Adamson, has done bariatric operations from 2011. Today dr. Martin Adamson has obtained a thorough experience in the field of bariatrics and he is performing surgeries on his own and with a steady hand.

Every bariatric surgery done in The Health Clinic also includes the consultation and follow-up care by our bariatric nurse / nutritional specialist Anni Laas, who makes sure that our patients get a thorough and long term support on their weight-loss journey on nutrition, physical activity and the general lifestyle changes. Anni is one of the most experienced nutrition specialists for obesity in Estonia and her constant self-development and cooperation with other experts makes her one of the most adequate specialists in consulting patients who have undergone bariatric surgery.

Anni consults our patients face-to-face in the hospital after surgery, 6 months after surgery and via e-mail for a whole year. After the 12 month period she will make a summary of the patient’s results and provides additional recommendations if needed.

We believe that our program together with the best specialists-, individual solutions- and a thorough surveillance and counselling system ensures our patients with significant and long lasting results, also a big improvement of their quality of life.


Are you a candidate for bariatric surgery?

There are a set of requirements to be considered for bariatric surgery. First of all your body mass index (BMI) must be over 27 to be considered for the gastric balloon, over 35 for gastric banding and gastric plication and over 40 for gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

BMI is calculated by dividing an individual’s body weight in kilograms with the individual’s height squared in meters. We may consider you with a lower BMI if you are suffering from a chronic disease due to obesity or can show that you are struggling with your obesity.

Calculate your BMI



It is still recommended that all patients try to lose weight before the operation, using conservative methods (monitoring weight, physical exercise). Surgery is used when the above methods have failed to produce the expected results.

Bariatric surgery is only effective if you make the changes necessary in terms of your lifestyle and eating habits to insure that the weight stays off. So it is very important that you are serious about it and understand the implications of having surgery.

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Bariatric surgery procedures:


Our prices include:

Consultation with the operating surgeon
We evaluate the patient’s physical condition to see if they’re a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery.
We will find the best procedure for the patient in order to achieve the best end result possible.
We will explain everything concerning the operation so the patient can make a well-thought decision about the surgery.

Consultations with a bariatric nurse / nutritional specialist
After the surgery.
Follow-up for 5 years.

All transportations between the airport/hotel and the hospital. Our dedicated patient coordinators will be greeting all patients at the airport on arrival into Estonia.

Tests before the surgery
Blood test

Operation and hospital stay
One bed in a twin room. Private room is available for extra cost (110€/night).
Surgery in a private hospital Fertilitas or East-Tallinn Central Hospital.
1-5 nights are spent in the hospital (depending on the procedure).
Free stay and treatment for the extra nights in the unlikely case of complications.
All necessary medications.
Discharge summary in English for your family doctor back home.

Instructions for post-surgery period
Dietary instructions according to the procedure.
Sample menus and portion sizes (for 3 different stages after the surgery).
Vitamins and minerals.
Consumption of liquids etc.
Recommendations for physical activity.
Common problems and solutions.
General advice.

Regular check-ups with the operating surgeon during hospital stay.
Support via e-mail and phone with bariatric nurse / nutritional specialist for 5 years after surgery.

Additional services
Special discount prices for post-bariatric plastic operations after the weight loss (abdominoplasty, upper arm lift, thigh lift).


Why choose The Health Clinic?

We are the first and most experienced medical travel agency in Estonia, with:

  • The most experienced bariatric team in Estonia
  • The most comprehensive bariatric treatment and care package
  • The best customer service program


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