What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is the term given for individuals seeking treatment abroad. This also includes the leisure aspects typically associated with travel and tourism. Medical tourism is a very old concept, but not until recent years, more and more people have started to take advantage of this popular alternative for health care needs.

Why people travel abroad for medical treatment?

There are many reasons why to travel abroad for medical procedures. The core factors are:

  • Cost savings
  • High quality care
  • Minimum waiting lists
  • Opportunity to combine surgery with holiday
  • Specialty treatments
  • Opportunity to see a new country

Why Estonia and why is the cost of medical care significantly lower in Estonia?

Estonia has a lot to offer to medical tourists. One thing is the cost of treatment, but more important is the quality of care – devoted and experienced specialists are the heart of medical tourism in Estonia. The country attracts millions of tourists every year to see the beauty we have to offer including the best preserved and intact medieval city in Europe – Tallinn. Medical tourists now have the opportunity to see Estonia from one more angle  – from inside the operating theatre.

The cost of medical care in Estonia is primarily impacted by the lower cost of living and lower physician fees. Estonian hospitals and clinics use the same high quality diagnostic and surgical equipment as the hospitals overseas do.

Why use The Health Clinic?

The Health Clinic is the leading player in Estonia for supporting individuals who are seeking medical treatment abroad. We have signed contracts with the top medical providers in Estonia and in addition to the best treatment, they deliver professionalism, safety and hospitality.

We are a complex agency and we organize everything for our clients – accommodation, consultation with the doctor, surgery, transfers and The Health Clinic’s consultants make sure that our clients feel appreciated and safe during their stay with us. The consultants are available at all times.

The Health Clinic is about offering affordable medical solutions to everybody. Our deepest desire and ambition is to help people. Help them live a healthier and happier life.

What about the language?

All of our partner doctors speak English.

How can I trust the quality of Estonian doctors?

The Health Clinic’s doctors participate in training courses every year around the globe, in the US, UK and Germany, etc. You can meet our doctors’ resumes HERE.

About the Estonian medical education structure: after high school, students can apply to Tartu University, which is the only higher institution in Estonia where you can become a doctor. It takes a minimum of 6 years to graduate from Tartu University. After this, the graduates will be residents for 3-5 years depending on their specialties in different hospitals. So a total of 9-11 years of hard work to finally become a doctor. There is a big need for Estonian doctors in Northern Europe and many doctors are already working in Finland, Sweden, UK, etc.

Should I see my GP before going ahead with surgery?

Going abroad for medical treatment is your choice and decision, but we suggest our customers to inform their GP of any surgery. Your GP may also be a point of contact with the after-care in which you receive when returning home.

Can someone come along with me?

Of course, and we encourage you to take someone with you.

What about travel insurance?

We advise you to talk to your insurance broker because the usual travel insurance usually does not cover problems after the surgery taken abroad – it is better to be sure. There are many insurance companies nowadays that are focused on medical travel insurance.

Can I book my travel arrangement?

We are happy to organize your travel and accommodation for you. But of course, you are free to make your own arrangements as well.

Are there any risks of performing a procedure/treatment abroad?

Like with any procedure, there are certain risks and this does not depend on whether you have treatment at home or abroad. Before making your decision where to have treatment, do your research and make sure your doctor is qualified.

What about aftercare?

We highly recommend you to inform your regular primary care physician or the specialist about the upcoming procedure so that you may receive your follow-up care locally.

Most procedures require little or no follow-up care at all and our surgeon will make sure that you are ready to travel back home after your treatment.

Can I change my mind before the surgery?

Absolutely, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can also change your mind right before surgery.

What happens if there are complications or something goes wrong?

All procedures carry some risks and most of the times everything goes as planned, however, we advise you to exercise some caution with every procedure. Plan properly for the recovery period and anticipate any possible complications. Allow some flexibility in your schedule and know what to expect – ask your doctor for detailed instructions and to explain how to minimize the possibilities for complications.

Immediate postoperative problems will be solved during your stay in the hospital. If complications occur later on at home, we will find a solution for your problem and there is always a chance to return to us.

If I want to proceed with The Health Clinic, what are the next steps?

Simply send us information about yourself and your problem and we will get back to you. We are sure we can find a way to help you. Our e-mail is clinic@thehealthclinic.eu and you can reach us by telephone as well at +372 6 000 925.