Intimate Surgery

The aesthetic operations of the intimate area are on the increase and more and more women are having reconstructive surgery. Dr Siim Simmo is a very experienced plastic surgeon who performs plastic surgery on the whole genital area, including major and minor labia surgery, plastics of the diaphragm, clitoral hood reduction and plastics, and vaginal tightening surgery that women who have given birth often need. An individual surgical plan is put together for each woman and areas of concern are operated. For men, Dr Simmo performs removal of excessive foreskin of the penis.


Surgeon Dr. Siim Simmo
Anesthesia General / local
Surgery duration 0,5-2 hours
Nights at hospital 0-1
Sick leave 1 week
Prices Adjustment of minor labia – from 1990 €
Adjustment of minor and major labia with plastics of clitoral skin – from 2990 €
Injecting fat into major labia with adjustments – from 2490 €
Vaginal tightening surgery – from 3490 €
Plastic modelling of the excess foreskin of the penis – from 1990 €
Medical loan häbememokkade operatsioon

starting from 54 € per month. Apply here.

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The most commonly requested procedures are labioplasty and vaginal tightening. We also perform modelling of mons pubis and clitoral hood reduction.


Labia surgery

The most common reason for reducing the minor labia is aesthetic appearance, discomfort and soreness during sexual intercourse and athletics.

The major labia can be increased or reduced if necessary. Reduction is performed when there is a lot of excess skin and fat. The major labia can be made fluffier and tighter if they have lost their original appearance with age or birth.

If you simply want to reduce the minor labia, it can be done under local anaesthesia. Dr. Simmo, however, usually recommends general anaesthesia, as it is much more convenient for the patient. Additionally, it is often necessary to correct the skin fold between the minor and major labia and the surroundings of the clitoris, since correction of just one area does not give the patient the desired overall result.


Vaginal tightening

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The reason is usually loose vaginal walls after multiple births, or just an anatomically spacious vagina and unsuitable partner.


Liposuction of mons pubis

The operation can be performed as a separate procedure, or together with liposuction of the abdomen or thighs. During this procedure, the appearance of the mons pubis is corrected by changing its shape.


Clitorial hood reduction

During this operation, the skin fold that covers the clitoris is reduced, thus improving the overall appearance of the intimate area and the ability to experience orgasms. It is extremely important that not too much of the surrounding skin is removed.


G spot amplification

This procedure brings forth the woman’s G spot and changes its angle, which helps to increase sensitivity during intercourse.


The most important thing is to draw up an individual surgical plan for each woman and treat the entire region as a whole. The best results are achieved when different surgeries in this area are combined.

Intimate surgeries are performed by Dr. Siim Simmo, a highly experienced plastic surgeon and one of the few surgeons in Estonia who is an internationally licensed female genitalia plastic surgery specialist.
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