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30Jan 2018
bariatric surgery

Weight is a focal topic in our society and so a lot of people have various opinions to express about bariatric surgery as well. Weight issues are very common these days, yet obesity and ways to manage it are often considered a taboo, which in turn can lead to the spread of misconceptions. We will […] Continue reading

04Jan 2018
plastic surgery

Pregnancy can leave unwanted marks on a woman’s body. Physical changes after having a baby are most often visible on the stomach and breasts. Changes to the body are totally natural and in no way shameful; however, the desire to erase these marks is also perfectly natural. We are often contacted by women who want […] Continue reading

16Oct 2017

Stretch marks can be an undesirable sign that reminds you how your body has changed. Rapid weight gain is the most frequent reason for stretch marks. But not everyone’s skin is elastic enough to endure even a slow weight gain. The most common place for the occurrence of stretch marks is the stomach, which is […] Continue reading

13Sep 2017
Bariatric surgery

Type II diabetes is a disease characterised by high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Type II diabetes can affect anyone with a genetic predisposition to the disease and a lifestyle that increases relevant risk. Diabetes is often tied to obesity – a problem that can be decreased with bariatric surgery. Can an operation really help […] Continue reading

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