Postbariatric surgery

An interesting postbariatric surgery took place last week in Estonia, which was performed by dr. Rein Adamson and his friend and surgeon dr. Andreas Printzlau from Denmark.

The patient was a 49-year old man, who had lost 100kg of body weight due to a gastric bypass surgery performed in 2013. Excessive loose skin is typical in a weight loss of that scale and surgical interference, known as postbariatrics, is needed. Lower Bodylift is usually more typically come across, but this time Upper Bodylift was in need and dr. Printzlau is a surgeon who has more experience with this procedure. He performs this type of operation about once every two months.

Loose skin in the breast and upper arm area was the focus with this patient so they decided to perform an Upper Bodylift procedure on him. The operation was done by both dr. Adamson and dr. Printzlau.