Stretch marks can be an undesirable sign that reminds you how your body has changed. Rapid weight gain is the most frequent reason for stretch marks. But not everyone’s skin is elastic enough to endure even a slow weight gain. The most common place for the occurrence of stretch marks is the stomach, which is also the area where weight fluctuations are most visible. Can abdominoplasty help in the case of stretch marks?

Stretch marks on upper and lower abdomen

Stretch marks, i.e. striae, occur differently for each person – some get the scarring along their upper abdomen, while others have the marks appear under their navel. Some people are “lucky” enough to have stretch marks in both regions.

Stretch marks are not something to be ashamed of, but some people may find that they affect their body image negatively. For example, a lot of women are proud of stretch marks acquired as a result of giving birth. However, some women may feel that stretch marks remind them how they lost their previous body during pregnancy.

Oftentimes, stretch marks are a remnant of excessive weight that has already been lost – even though a person’s lifestyle has changed, stretch marks remain. When stretch marks are on the upper region of the abdomen, it is likely that they will fade to nearly invisible in time. However, marks that are situated below the navel can permanently alter the shape of your stomach.

Options of abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty (i.e. tummy tuck) helps improve the appearance of a stomach ravaged by weight changes or a pregnancy. A surgical procedure can very well be the only way to correct one’s looks when pregnancy or excessive weight have left their marks on your stomach. But let us return to the initial question – can abdominoplasty help in the case of stretch marks?

The abdominoplasty surgery offered by The Health Clinic can improve the looks of your stomach to a greater or lesser extent. Both mini and full abdominoplasty include two important procedures:

  • Tightening of loose abdominal skin
  • Removal of excess skin

The process also includes removal of striae from the lower abdomen, so that skin will permanently regain its youthful looks. As the incision will be made under the navel, scarring on the upper abdominal region will not be treated.

Striae on the lower abdomen can be a sign of more serious problems

Oftentimes, our bodies do not change how we want them to change. This is especially true in the abdominal region. Stretch marks can be the most visible sign of such changes. These changes may have been caused by stretching of abdominal muscles or, in the case of pregnancies, even tears, in the case of which a simple tightening will not grant desired results.

Stretching of abdominal skin can leave the person with flabby and scarred skin, or even loosen their abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty can help correct these problems, both externally, by tightening the skin, as well as internally, by correcting the placement of muscles and the navel. Consultation with a surgeon can help determine whether the problem is limited to skin or extends to the muscles as well and whether you should opt for mini or full abdominoplasty. Both options allow for the removal of stretch marks on the lower abdomen.

Comment by The Health Clinic’s surgeon Dr. Rein Adamson:

During an abdominoplasty surgery, it is possible to partially remove stretch marks – scarring that is below the navel will be removed with the saggy skin. Unfortunately, stretch marks that are located on the upper abdomen cannot be removed during this procedure. But the result is permanent.