Bariatric surgery

Type II diabetes is a disease characterised by high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Type II diabetes can affect anyone with a genetic predisposition to the disease and a lifestyle that increases relevant risk. Diabetes is often tied to obesity – a problem that can be decreased with bariatric surgery. Can an operation really help in the case of diabetes?


”The fat disease”

It is true that diabetes is a disease characteristic to our current age of convenience. And lifestyle does play a big role in the emergence of this condition; however, it is not the only factor at work. No illness is limited to a certain type of people and no-one should be shamed because of their health problems.

Type II diabetes is not a mark of shame, but a health condition, which needs solutions. There are medications for diabetes and it can also be alleviated with lifestyle changes. However, the situation can be trickier when a person has excessive weight problems. Bariatric surgery can be a solution when conventional treatment methods have proved to be insufficient and the person’s weight cannot be lowered due to various reasons.


What kind of help does bariatric surgery provide?

Bariatric surgery is indicated in the case of type II diabetes when the person’s body mass exceeds obesity limits. A weight loss surgery can be an effective solution for people who have trouble both with losing weight and balancing their blood sugar levels. Aggravating factors can be physical or mental problems caused by the excessive weight.

The surgery will result in the following:

  • most people with type II diabetes experience a decrease in their need to use medication or that necessity is eliminated completely;
  • blood sugar levels normalize and the person’s body responds better to insulin;
  • general health condition improves due to the decreased food intake.

The positive effects are lasting if the person follows a healthy lifestyle.


Who can have this surgery?

As all procedures in the field of bariatric surgery are demanding and require a major lifestyle change, it is definitely not a weight loss trend or taking the easy way out. Health problems caused by excessive weight have to be taken seriously – for a lot of people, diabetes is not an issue that could be solved with conventional methods.

On the basis of general health standards, bariatric surgery is best suited for obese people (BMI starting from 40). People with lower BMI-s (lower than 35) are suited for bariatric surgery if they are experiencing other obesity-related problems, such as high blood pressure, depression, type II diabetes, etc. Studies and our experiences have showed that the results of the surgery are not limited to weight loss; the surgery can also solve several other health problems and have positive impact on the person’s general outlook on life.