Бариатрическая хирургия

Obese people often find it hard to lose weight only by counting calories and reducing the amount of food they eat. In order to feel less hungry and to stop eating, our brain needs to get the signal that our stomach is full. This is where the size of the stomach (bariatric surgery) and digestion hormones come into play. When our stomach is smaller, it fills up more quickly and the amount of so called ‘hunger hormones’ are produced less – this makes it easier to lose weight faster.


How does bariatric surgery help lose weight?

The reduction of the stomach limits the amount of food you eat with every meal. Smaller stomach fills up quicker and the signal of a full stomach is sent to the brain. The person therefore eats less and loses weight. People who undergo the procedure can expect a 50-70% reduction of excess bodyweight within 2 years after the operation.

Not only the amount of food being eaten reduces, but also in the amount of hunger regulating hormones. When the feeling of hunger is reduced, it is also easier to eat more healthy, thus ensuring long term results and a better physical shape for decades to come.


What should be taken into account after bariatric surgery?

In addition to losing weight your lifestyle also changes considerably after bariatric surgery. For sustainable long term results and a healthy life, keep in mind:

  • Follow your dietary guidelines. Eat only small amounts of food and only the types of foods and liquids assigned by your doctor. For example, it is important to chew your food carefully and you should avoid heavily calorie dense foods.
  • Do regular health check-ups. In the beginning you will have do to regular check-ups after the surgery. Later you will have to do less. It is recommended to keep a diary about your health parameters – weight, blood pressure, heart rate and also your mood. That makes it easier for your doctor and also for yourself to monitor your results.
  • Be physically active. It is also recommended to start excercising simultaneously with your new diet. You can start excercising lightly about 2 weeks after the surgery. More intense types of exercise should be done only after you have talked to your doctor about it.


Bariatric surgery – what are the options?

The state of health and preferences of people trying to lose weight are different. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures to treat obesity. If you are trying to lose weight and you are considering weight-loss surgery, a bariatric surgeon will help you find the correct procedure that best fits your needs.

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