13Sep 2017
Bariatric surgery

Type II diabetes is a disease characterised by high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Type II diabetes can affect anyone with a genetic predisposition to the disease and a lifestyle that increases relevant risk. Diabetes is often tied to obesity – a problem that can be decreased with bariatric surgery. Can an operation really help […] Continue reading

30Aug 2017
bariatric surgery

Weight is a focal topic in our society and so a lot of people have various opinions to express about bariatric surgery as well. Weight issues are very common these days, yet obesity and ways to manage it are often considered a taboo, which in turn can lead to the spread of misconceptions. We will […] Continue reading

14Dec 2016

B-Lite implants are the product of 10 years of research, development and extensive testing. The proprietary design enables considerably reduced implant weight of up to 30% less than traditional silicone breast implants, while maintaining the desired shape, feel and volume of the augmented breast. B-Lite Lightweight breast implants were CE approved in 2013 and were […] Continue reading

28Apr 2016
Бариатрическая хирургия

Obese people often find it hard to lose weight only by counting calories and reducing the amount of food they eat. In order to feel less hungry and to stop eating, our brain needs to get the signal that our stomach is full. This is where the size of the stomach (bariatric surgery) and digestion […] Continue reading

01Mar 2016

Get rid of extra fat before summer! All customers who book a time for liposuction (at least 6 regions) will get additional free liposuction from 2 regions. 8 regions for the price of 6, 10 regions for the price of 8 etc.   The offer is valid for reservations that are made before 01.04.2016. The […] Continue reading

07Dec 2015
Postbariatric surgery

An interesting postbariatric surgery took place last week in Estonia, which was performed by dr. Rein Adamson and his friend and surgeon dr. Andreas Printzlau from Denmark. The patient was a 49-year old man, who had lost 100kg of body weight due to a gastric bypass surgery performed in 2013. Excessive loose skin is typical […] Continue reading