gastric balloon

Now that summer has arrived and more and more people are becoming active and starting to wear lighter clothes, the delicate question of body weight is also becoming more topical. This is a complicated issue because while the causes of weight gain can be put down to laziness and carelessness, they can also be medical. Nevertheless, most of the time it is caused by unhealthy diet and exercising habits, which can be improved with the help of character building. However, some people may find it very difficult. In such a case you may benefit from a gastric balloon.

A gastric balloon is a tool that helps people change their lifestyle during the period in which it is used. The period usually spans from 6-12 months and the results may vary, as they largely depend on your own efforts. These may include both increasing physical strain and drastic changes to your diet.

In short: a gastric balloon is a good and simple way to regulate your food consumption and weight if you do not wish to take more drastic measures (more complex bariatric surgeries).


Benefits of a gastric balloon

  1. Reduced food consumption. A balloon filled with sterile liquid fills a part of your stomach, which reduces your food consumption considerably, causing you to lose weight.
  2. Character building. A gastric balloon will help you lead a considerably healthier lifestyle, which, if followed regularly for a longer period of time, can help you change your current habits. To this end, you need to fight your wishes, desires and appetites and build character. After a period of wearing a gastric balloon, you will be able to effectively say no This new habit will in turn start making the rest of your life better. Having a strong character helps you make better decisions in each field of life and in both professional and personal spheres.
  3. Development of healthier habits. People can get used to anything. Both the good and the bad. By changing your lifestyle and eating habits, you candevelop a habit of eating less and considerably healthier and working out, and your sleep rhythm will also improve.
  4. Improvement of the general quality of life. Et voila! The general quality of your life can improve considerably as a result of consistently practising the above. Your diet will become healthier, you will exercise more and make better decisions that lead to a more successful life. As a result, you will be happier and make the people who surround you happier, too. Everybody wins!


According to The Health Clinic surgeon Dr Adamson, a gastric balloon may be considered by people whose body mass index is at least 30. However, this applies if bariatric surgery is not contraindicated. “Gastric balloons are also suitable to those who do not wish to use drastic measures (bariatric surgery generally involves anatomical adjustments),” explains Dr Adamson. “Gastric balloons are sometimes used to reduce weight before bariatric surgery because there are some cases where a stomach reduction surgery cannot be performed without any risk.” He stresses that the fitting of a gastric balloon is not a surgery but a medical procedure that is done under anaesthesia.

“The balloon is generally quick to create the feeling of fullness when eating and thus helps people avoid eating large quantities of food. There may be problems during the first days when the body is still getting used to the foreign object in the stomach,” says Dr Adamson, adding that this is why the clinic provides all patients with different medicines that help speed up recovery after the surgery. “It is a safe procedure with practically no complications. In some cases, it may take a while for the body to recover from the procedure.”


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