Silicone implants or breast enlargement with silicone implants is a procedure that has been done for more than half a century. The operation takes an hour to hour and a half and complications are rare, therefore it’s considered a rather safe procedure. A lot of women desire a larger bust, but others ask that if a man desires a woman only for her breasts, is that man worth the extra effort?

Most important is self esteem

Is is completely possible that a relationship solely built on the attractive looks of a woman doesn’t last long. Although, doctors who perform breast enlargement surgeries know that the real reason for doing the procedure is for the woman to feel pretty, more desired and more secure.

Women who have done the procedure and have silicone implants describe how they used to hide their body and tried to remain unnoticed in public areas, but now, are walking proudly with their back straight and chest out. Many feel that their life almost restarts after the surgery.

“I feel great and look like 10 years younger now, really a great feeling altogether”, admits a woman. “I recommend this procedure to women who have really small breasts. For example taking a shower in a public SPA if totally different now. Funny how simple everyday situations used to make you nervous and upset.”


Working out doesn’t help

Some people think that it is possible to have bigger breasts by working out in the gym. It doesn’t really work that way, unfortunately. Working out might tighten breasts a little bit but won’t make them bigger, because breasts consist mostly of fat tissue.

Silicone implants = better sex

The more desirable a woman feels the more she can enjoy sex. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she wasn’t attractive to her partner before,  it’s rather how attractive the woman feels herself.

When small breasts disturb a woman’s life considerably, then they shouldn’t fool themselves by saying “It is not that important” or “This is the way I am and there’s nothing to do about it”. There is a simple and safe procedure to change that, but the decision for creating a new “Me” should come from that woman.

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