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Pregnancy can leave unwanted marks on a woman’s body. Physical changes after having a baby are most often visible on the stomach and breasts. Changes to the body are totally natural and in no way shameful; however, the desire to erase these marks is also perfectly natural. We are often contacted by women who want to restore their pre-pregnancy looks. The following is a brief overview of what causes these changes and how plastic surgery can be of help.


Changes in breasts

Breast changes brought on by pregnancy can have three different reasons:

  • Weight gain and weight loss
  • The size increase of mammary glands during pregnancy
  • Breast feeding

The appearance and condition of post-pregnancy breasts can be disturbing both physically and psychologically. The following changes can occur:

  • Excessive stretching of breasts – all the aforementioned factors can cause excessive stretching, especially during the recovery period after pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Stretching of nipples – same applies as to breasts in general.
  • Sagging of breasts – not everyone has sufficient elasticity in their skin for recovery.
  • Asymmetric breasts – breasts of exactly equal size are a rarity in any case, but breast feeding and other factors can increase this change in sizes even more.
  • Excessive size of breasts – sometimes breasts do not return to their regular size after pregnancy, excessive size and weight can have a hindering effect.


Possible solutions to these problems offered by plastic surgery:

  • Breast lift – restores the stretched breasts to a more youthful and perky appearance.
  • Lipofilling – helps restore a more natural appearance and reduce asymmetry.
  • Breast reduction – excessively large breasts can be operated on to achieve a suitable size.


Changes on the stomach

The appearance of the stomach is influenced by weight changes during and after pregnancy, as well as the increased size of the stomach as the fetus grows. Labour traumas can also change stomach appearance. The following undesirable changes can occur:

  • Loosening and stretching on skin on the stomach
  • Loosening of abdominal muscles
  • Diastasis recti

Abdominoplasty offers the best long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution to the aforementioned problems. As we are dealing with pregnancy related tears in tissue, they can only be fixed in a surgical manner.


High-quality plastic surgery

Motherhood is a blessing that does not have to be accompanied by undesirable looks. The Health Clinic has helped mothers of various generations regain their pre-pregnancy youthful looks.