Dr. Margarita Rebrov

Dr. Margarita Rebrov

Dr Margarita Rebrov graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu (1997) and completed a residency in ophthalmology (2012). She acquired an MBA at the Estonian Business School (2006).

Margarita’s day-to-day job is that of an ophthalmologist and her special area of interest is the retina and uveitis. She was one of the first ophthalmologists in Estonia to start using biological medicinal products to treat autoimmune eye diseases.

Margarita has also had experience in aesthetic medicine since 2012 when she started her clinical practice as an aesthetic doctor injecting medicinal products. She has been partnered with the training department of Allergen Medical Institute (AMI) since 2013 and also works there as a trainer, conducting training events on aesthetic medicine for doctors and nurses. In her work, she abides by the MD Codes and Full Face Approach principles.

Dr Margarita Rebrov is a passionate instigator of and spokesperson for aesthetic medicine. It is a rapidly developing field that combines medicine, art and psychology. Rebrov considers the ability to simultaneously be a doctor, an artist and a psychologist the key issue in practicing aesthetic medicine.

Margarita believes in the importance of lifelong learning and regularly attends international conferences and seminars on ophthalmology and aesthetics. She is a perfectionist who takes time for each and every patient and makes no compromises when it comes to procedures.


Curriculum Vitae


2009 – 2012     Tartu University, PostGraduate Specialist Medical Training Programm, Diploma of Ophthalmologist
2000 – 2006     Estonian Business School, Master of Business Administration Programm (MBA)
1997 – 1998     Internship, General Medicine, Seamens’ Hospital, Tallinn
1990 – 1997     Medical Faculty, Tartu University, Estonia, Diploma of General Physician


Professional Experience

2020 – …..     The Health Clinic, Medical Aesthetics
2020 – …..     Silmaarst Krista Turman Eye Center, Ophthalmologist
2017 – …..     Confido Private Medical Center, Ophthalmologist, Medical Aesthetics
2017 – …..     REMARCON Medical Office, Ophthalmologist, Medical Aesthetics
2013 – 2020  East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Eye Clinic,  Ophthalmologist (Subspecialities: retina, uveitis, glaucoma)
2013 – 2017  Beauty Clinic Tammsaare Iluekspert, Aesthetic Doctor
2013 – …..     Allergan Aesthetics, Allergan Medical Institute Trainer
2009 – 2012  East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Eye Clinic, Ophthalmologist in training
2005 – 2007  Neeme General Practition Center, General Physician
2005 – 2007  Atrenda OÜ, Medical interpreter
2000 – 2002 Merelahe GP Center, General Physician
2000 – 2009 GlaxoSmithKline Estonia:

  • Oct 2006 – ….. Product Manager – Thrombosis
  • Jan 2006 – Oct 2006 Therapy  Area Manager for Respiratory
  • Jun 1st 2004 – Jan 2006 Product Specialist for Cardiovascular team
  • May 2001 – May 2004 Medical Representative Cardiovascular team

1998 – 2000  Sirowa Estonia, Ratiopharm, Medical Representative


Postgraduating Courses

Allergan Medical Institute international trainings, Mauricio Di Maio MD Codes Curriculum programm
Allergan Medical Institute TrainTheTrainer meetings

2019. American Austrian Fondation (AAF), Open Medical Institute Ophthalmologic Seminar, Salzburg
2018. Uveitis Conference, INFLAMMATIO, Tel Aviv, Israel Sept 2018 EURETINA Congress, Vienna
2018. FACE (Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exibition) , London
2018. International OphthalmologicCongress, White Nights, SP, Russia
2018. COPHY – Controversies of ophthalmolog interbational conress, Athens
2017. Uveitis Perceptorship, Charles University, Prague
2017. Allergan Facial Anatomy Course, Tampere Surgical Education Center, AMI
2017. MD Codes Visionary Programm, AMI, Warsaw, Poland
2017. Maculart Ophthalmologic Congress, Paris, France
2017. Society Of European Ophthalmology Congress (SOE), Barcelona, Spain
2017. Juvederm Volite Launch, Warsaw, Poland, AMI
2017. Allergan Medical Institute International Meeting Prague Plastic Surgery
2016. MD Codes Tour Prague, Allergan Medical Institute
2016. MD Codes Tour Tel Aviv, Allergan Medical Institute
2016. 9th International Symposium on Uveitis, Dublin, Poster
2016. OMI Salzburg Medical Seminar for ophthalmologists
2016. International Allergan  Anti – Ageing Congress, London
2015. Aesthetic Anatomy Course Code For Practice, Brussels
2015. Venice Ophthalmology Summer School
2015. SOE Congress, Vienna
2015. Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo
2014. Moorfields Eye Hospital Ocular inflammation Practical Seminar
2014. European Glaucoma Symposium, Nice
2013. Forum Ophthalmologicum Balticum, Tallinn, Oral presentation
2013. International Uveitis Symposium, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
2013. SOE Congress, Copenhagen
2013. Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo
2013. Botox and Dermal Fillers Course, KT Training, London
2013. International Glaucoma Symposium, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
2012. Heidelberg University Eye Clinic, Uveitis  Centrum, 1 month observership, EBO grant
2012. ESCRS Congress, Milano, Poster
2012. ESOPRS Congress, Tallinn
2012. Nordic Ophthalmologic Congress, Helsinki, Oral presentation
2011. Microsurgical Skills Course, Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London
2011. Rudolfstiftung Hospital, Eye department, Ludwig-Boltzman-Institut für Retinologie und Biomikroskopische Laserchirurgie, 1 month observership, SOE grant
2011. SOE Congress, Genf
2011. Cataract Workshop, Lions International Educational Centre of  Ophthalmology, Prague
2010. European Professors of Ophthalmology, EUPO Course Retina, Athens, Greece
2007. ISTH Congress, Genf
2006. ERS Congress, Munich, Germany
2006. Sales Force Development Programme (SFDP) – Baltic Management Institute
2005. Program in American Language studies, Rurgers University, New Jersey, US
2004. Communication and negotiation with KOLs, Mercury
2004. Building Great Brands, Henley Colledge, Poland
1995. Deutsch Sommerkurss, Mittelstuffe, die Tübingen Universität, Deutschland