Dr. Siim Simmo

Dr. Siim Simmo

Dr. Simmo is a uniquely trained, highly sought-after top plastic surgeon with diverse skills. Among other things, he specialises in breast surgery and face, neck and eyelid corrections. Dr. Simmo is the only plastic surgeon in Estonia who has completed the joint specialisation programme of Nordic plastic surgeons, which involves taking a national speciality examination in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. As part of this programme, he has worked in Helsinki and Barcelona University Hospitals.

He is one of the few internationally licensed female genital plastic surgery specialists in Estonia. Dr. Simmo regularly expands his knowledge by attending various training events all over the world, operating on different body areas with top specialists in his field. Aside from The Health Clinic, he works at Helsinki University Hospital as the chief doctor of his department.

In Estonia, he has a very important role in the field of breast cancer surgery. Namely, he was the first in Estonia to perform immediate breast restoration surgeries on cancer patients and develop oncoplastic surgeries.


Curriculum Vitae


2014-2016   Masters degree, reconstructive microsurgery, European School of Reconstructive microsurgery Barcelona University.
2006-2007 and 2010-2012 Plastic surgery residency, University of Helsinki.
1999-2004  General surgery residency, Tartu University, North Estonia Medical Centre.
1998-1999   General surgery internship, Tartu University, North Estonia Medical Centre.
1992-1998   Tartu University medical faculty.


2016-             The Health Clinic, plastic surgeon.
2007-            Plastic-and reconstructive surgery Chief Doctor, West-Uusimaa Hospital, Finland.
2010-2012   Plastic surgery residency, Helsinki University Töölö Hospital.
2008-2014   Breast surgeon, plastic-and reconstructive surgeon, North Estonia Medical Centre.
2006             Breast surgeon, Helsinki University Breast Cancer Surgery Centre.
2005-2007  General and Breast surgeon, Mikkeli Central Hospital, Finland.
2003-2004  General surgery residency, Kotka Central Hospital, Finland.
1998-2003   Surgery residency in Tartu University and North Estonia Medical Centre.

Languages: Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian.